Configuring Phone Numbers

Configuring Phone Numbers

To configure your new numbers please follow the steps below:

1. Click Settings to navigate to the settings page on the left hand side of the screen and navigate to the Phone Numbers section:
You will be able to see the settings tab only if you have admin rights.

2. From here you will be able to see your currently assigned numbers, as well as numbers which are not configured can be viewed by clicking on the No Configured Numbers button:

3. Each number can have both a Incoming and Outgoing Route configured by clicking on the edit option next to it:

4. In the Incoming Route you can set the Music on Hold, a Caller ID Name Prefix as well as the Destination;
For example you can set the Incoming route of this particular number to be received by a specific Queue, Extension and more when being called: 

5. The Outgoing Route lets you set up Rules such as calling to a specific Destination with a Prefix (dialed before the number) by a specific set of extensions:
Example: When an an agent dials with the Prefix of 005 to UK, they will dial out with this specific number/DID.

6. You can also configure Random Routes, which give you the ability of using a set of numbers to be used in a random sequence when used for outbound calls:
This is beneficial to reduce the over-use of one singular number when making many outbound calls for example

To configure a Random Route simply click on New Route:

In the configuration window you will have the define a Description, set the Calling country you would like to have in this route (it can be multiple countries) as well as select the Phone numbers which you would like to use
Finally to add a rule which is to select the Extensions to be used for this Random Route and finally click Save to apply the route:

7. If you have multiple routes and numbers configured you are also set their priorities for use from the Route Priority:

Simply drag the route you wish to move up the list with the mouse:

The Configuration History is where you can see a history of all phone number changes:

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