General Settings

General Settings

1. Click "Settings" on the menu on the left-hand side to access the settings options. PS: If you do not see the settings options in the menu, you do not have the permission to do that. Contact your administrator to do that.

2. Click '2FA' to proceed in activating/deactivating the two factor authentication option.

3. Click on the activation button to enable/disable the 2FA.

4. Click "Custom Statuses" to create your own custom status.

5. Click New Status" to create a new status.

6. Click the "Status Name" to choose the name of the status.

7. Click 'Status Color' to choose the color of the status.

8. Click "Type" to choose if this status is a Pause or a Work related status.


10. Click 'Icon' to associate a custom icon to your status.

11. Choose your icon and save the process.

12. Click "Squaretalk API" to access the available Axiom API

13. Follow the instructions below to access the APIs: Get access token to use in all your requests. You should first get your API KEY from your admin dashboard under SETTINGS->GENERAL, and use the email you log in to the system with. Use this access token on the left menu in this interface in the TOKEN input field, and it will be sent with every request. In your web requests while using the API you should send Access token you as a request header as follows: Authorization: --YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN-- * Access token is valid for 3 hours, After that please send a request for a new Access token

14. Here you can check some of the integrations which are available with Axiom.

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