Agents View - Dashboard

Agents View - Dashboard

This article will give you an overview of the dashboard from an Agents point of view:

1. You can keep track of total calls from this field:

2. Monitor the duration of your calls here:

3. Track your break intervals using this feature:

4. Check the duration of paused moments at your convenience:

5. Evaluate your sales performance through this section:

6. Review and analyze your callback statistics here:

7. Initiate the Matrix predictive dialer by clicking 'Start' to commence lead calls:

8. Take a break by clicking on the "Pause button" when needed:

9. Specify the type of break you prefer using the provided options:

10. Use the drop-down menu to switch between different pause categories:

11. Select a break type from the drop-down menu provided:

Access the dialpad by clicking on the "dialpad" icon on the top right next to your profile icon where you also have the profile settings:

13. Switch to a different campaign by clicking "Switch Campaign":

14. Choose a campaign from the drop-down menu and save your selection by clicking "Change Campaign":

15. Configure your profile settings by clicking "My Profile":

16. Use the pop-up menu to customize your profile settings:

17. Perform a system check on your device by clicking "System Checker":

18. Access audio input settings by clicking 'Settings' and choose your preferred device:

19. Confirm your device choice by clicking "OK":

20. Leave a review by clicking "Review Us":

21. Monitor the pre-set script in this section:

22. Review calls that occurred throughout the day in this area:

23. Utilize the "Search" field to find specific calls:

24. View the date for the monitored calls displayed here:

25. Adjust the number of entries you'd like to see using the drop-down menu:

26. Navigate to the Callbacks section by clicking "Callback" to monitor callbacks:

27. Monitor your callbacks in this dedicated section:

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