This article will navigate you through the available options of the dashboard.

1. Click "Dashboard" to navigate to the dashboard on the left-hand side. NOTE: You can navigate to the dashboard menu only if you have Admin or Manager permissions:

2. Here you can monitor the balance of your account:

3. Click on your profile icon to access the profile settings of your profile:

4. Click "My Profile" to navigate to a menu in which you can change your credentials:

5. In this menu you can change your name, email and username:
6. Click "Generate Key" to generate an API Key, or click the 'Documentation' link to navigate to our swagger and review our open API:

7. Click this password field to change your password on the right hand side:

8. Click 'Forgot Password?' if you have forgotten your old password and need a new one, follow the steps below:

9. Alternatively, you can click 'Reset Password' via the profile drop down menu:

10. Click "Help" to navigate to our Q&A portal and get the assistance needed:

11. Click "System Checker" to navigate to the system checker and perform a test on your system:

12. Here you can monitor if everything is working correctly on your system:

13. Click 'Speakers Settings' to change the configuration of your speakers:

14. Click this drop-down menu to choose from which device the audio will be produced:

15. Click 'Microphone Settings' to change the configuration of your microphone:

16. Click this drop-down menu to choose which microphone device you would like to use:

17. Click "OK" to save the settings:

18. Click "Check Again" to perform a new check:

19. You can check on what is new to the system via the profile drop down menu:

Click "Suggest a feature" to suggest a feature that is missing from the Matrix. Our development team will be notified:

21. Fill in the form to submit an idea:

22. Click "Review Us" to leave a review in regard to the product:

23. Click "Dashboard" to return back to the dashboard tab:

24. At the top you will be able to monitor KPIs relevant to your company:

25. Click here to edit your monitor view or create a new monitor page:

26. You can edit your KPIs via the green ticks selected. If you select the green tick, it will be displayed on your dashboard monitor:

27. Click "Save" to save the KPIs you have selected:

28. Here you can monitor the Agents that are logged in the Matrix:

29. You can monitor the activity of your company in a Full Screen mode. Click 'Full Screen' to enable it:

30. Click here to exit the Full Screen mode:

31. You can monitor the activity of your company in a Cube View mode. Click 'Cube View' to enable it:

32. Click here to return back to Table View:

33. Click the action button to be able to Listen, Whisper, Break in or Logout the agent. Listen - means that the manager will be able to hear the conversation, without, the agent nor the client knowing that the manager is in the call. Whisper - the manager will be able to speak to the agent, without the client hearing the conversation. Break in - will make a conference call and add the manager to the call:

34. Select an option from the drop-down menu:

35. Click this button to control which KPIs you would like to monitor on your table view:

36. Choose options that apply to you from the drop-down menu:

37. Click the "Search bar" field to search for an agent via name or phone:

38. Click the "Filters bar" field to filter by groups or campaigns:

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