This article will provide you an overview of the Leads section and it's functionality: 

1. Navigate to the leads tab by clicking "Leads" on the left-hand side:

 Use the "Search" field to locate specific information such as phone numbers, names, or lead IDs:

 Apply filters for a specific campaign or list by clicking the "Filters by Lists or Campaigns" field:

 Import a lead list by clicking "Import":

 Upload the file by selecting "Upload File":

Click "Next" to proceed to the next step:

7. Map the respective fields and link them to your file columns using drop-down menus; click 'Next' to move to the third step:

 In the third step 'Result,' you can:

Choose the list for lead import.
Define actions for duplicate leads.
Specify the country for the numbers.
Apply duplicate checking and choose the level.
Apply blacklist status to specific numbers.

Decide how to handle duplicate leads: update existing entry, create a new entry, or ignore the new entry:

Choose the country for the numbers to be imported from the drop-down menu:

 Select the level for duplicate checking (at list level or campaign level) by clicking "Please Select":

 Opt to add the leads to a blacklist with this option:

 Edit, delete, or remove a lead from the blacklist using the action button:

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