Settings - Communication

Settings - Communication

This article will provide you an overview of the Communication section and functionality within the Settings of Matrix:

1. Navigate to your Matrix settings by clicking "Settings" on the left-hand side:

2. Under the Communications tab, click "Extensions" to access the extension settings:

 Edit or delete pre-configured extensions as needed:

Click "Create" to initiate the creation of a new extension:

Specify the extension number (between 300 and 700):

Choose a password by clicking the "Change password..." field:

Activate or deactivate the extension as required:

Go to the phone numbers tab by clicking "Phone Numbers" in the Matrix:

Monitor pre-created number groups, and use the 'Settings' button to edit a group:

Delete a group by clicking the 'Delete' button:

Create a new group by clicking "Add New Group" and configure its rules:

Name the group using the "Group name" field:

13. Select numbers for the group by checking the corresponding boxes:

Access outbound settings by clicking "Settings" for the specific group:

Choose whether to route the call to a call menu:

Define the action if no agent is available by clicking "Drop Action" and selecting one:

Set call times by clicking "Call times" and choose a pre-configured rule from the drop-down menu:

Click here to create a new call times rule:

Here you can select your rule name. Note: For each rule you can define a set of countries, each country has its own calling time condition consisting days and hours. To apply these call schedules in your campaign, please choose your rule in the field Call Times Note: These rules will not affect Manual Dial and Callbacks Note: The select period time is the current time in the selected country

Here you can select the time-frame for which this rule applies:
21. Create a follow-up rule by clicking "Create a new follow-up rule":

22. Choose the applicable countries, days, and times:

Select dates for the rule:

Set the time frame for the rule:

Choose a welcome message by clicking "Welcome":

Set the music on hold by clicking "Music on Hold":

Assign a default campaign for new leads by clicking "Default Campaign New Lead":
28. Configure inbound rules by clicking "Inbound Rules":

Create a new rule by clicking 'Create a new rule':

Choose how calls are distributed among agents by clicking here:

31. Select an option from the drop-down menu:

Choose the campaign for call routing from the 'From' drop-down menu:

33. Select the campaign from the drop-down menu:

 Specify agents with a particular status for call routing:

 Choose the status from the drop-down menu:

 Set up waiting seconds as needed:

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