Wether you are using a hard phone or shoft-phone, sometimes tit happens that you wont be able to make calls, for the following reasons:

  • Accounting problems

Please contact your Account Manager or our Finance Department to sort this issue out.

  • Hardware issue

Sometimes a phone will not work because of hardware related issues. If the phone is experiencing a connectivity issue, check to ensure that the Ethernet cable is seated securely into the back of the phone as well as the internet source. If the phone won’t turn on, check the power cord to ensure the plug in the back of the phone is seated securely as well as the power cords connection to the electrical outlet.

  • Network issue

Even though network issues are infrequent, these issue could be the cause by a number of things like bandwidth limitations, PBX disconnections, connectivity configurations or network infrastructure. All these issues should be handed by Deskforce Support. Submit a ticket and our support agents will help you to solve these issues.

In case you changed your Internet Service Provider, or you made any changes on the router or firewall level, please do inform us.

Deskforce Support