.There a few things you need to consider before uploading a list in the dialer.
If there are special characters like “ % | ] + * ….” There maybe issues with the correct mapping of the columns and thus the list will not be uploaded properly. Best way to make sure everything is alright is to have your leads in English (Hebrew text contains special characters).
Another important thing is to the format of the file. CSV and XLXS are fine but we have found that the best option is to have it in Excel 97-2003 format or similar. After that make sure that the columns contain the right information about numbers, phone codes before uploading. If the list contains fields with nonsensical information that will cause issues with the mapping. Additional spaces between digits in the phone number can also cause issues when uploading so double check for that also. 

Adding digits like "0" before the number may also cause issues. In the attached snip you can see what we mean by that. In this case the mapping wasn't able to recognize the "0" as a legit part of the phone number and the list couldn't be uploaded.

When you make sure everything is checked and saved properly just go to


And follow the steps:

1. Upload leads
2. New list (fill the needed information like list id, campaign etc)
3. Save list
4. Load the list

5. Choose a country code if you if you do not have the country code in the list(if you do not have the country code in the list you cannot choose multiple country code in one upload) 

6. Choose where the Dialer should check for duplicates: the whole system, the campaign or only in the list
7. Upload the file with your leads
8. Proceed and choose the headers according to the columns in the excel file so that the mapping goes smoothly
9. Upload leads

Then the list is checked for duplicates and also if the numbers are valid (proper amount of digits in the numbers) 

You will see how many "GOOD" and "BAD" leads you have and then you can proceed or undo.

If you have problem with the uploading the lists please check the troubleshooting section.