You will most probably see Unavailable, no connection, 

Trying to connect Failed to connect or Request timed out error, every phone has a different error shown.

There could be several things causing this. First and foremost check if you have internet connection.  Just try opening or if your phone is directly plugged in the socket just check if the cable is connected.

Check if you have entered all your credentials the correct way. A common misconception is not typing the port :5744 after the domain name when registering (note that this must be done only if you are notified by your manager to do so, usually you 

don’t have to type in anything else except the domain name or domain IP)

Then you must check what is your IP (just type “what is my ip in google).

You may not be connecting because your IP isn’t added in the server’s firewall. We accept IP adding requests only by email(

 for security reasons so make sure to do so.

Also, if you ip keeps changing contact your provider so that he can give you a static one. We do not recommend 2 people using the same extension at the same time so every agent should have his own extension and not to login with a different one unless our team sees it to be suitable.