Go to a certain campaign (View campaign). Click on the campaign you want to configure and that will access the edit campaign menu. From there change the Dial level to “Adapt hard limit”. 

Lets say you set up a dial level to 12. That would be the number of calls per agentmade at once before one of them picks up. You set this up with “Maximum adapt dial level”. 

On “Drop percentage limit” you choose the limit of dropped calls that the dialer will be able to reach.

Last the “Adapt intensity modifier” will adjust the predictive intensity of the call pacing. The higher or lower number you choose will increase or decrease the call pacing and the changing of the dial level.

Here is an example of a configured adaptive campaign below.

The other settings are default  set and don’t need to be changed.  Lastly don’t forget to submit the changes to your adaptive campaign.