Here is the best way to proceed if you're having issues with the Auto Dialer detecting you microphone, step by step.

1. First off, log out of the Dialer.

2. The indication that the microphone hasn't synced is a red dot in the bottom left corner of your screen - if the mic was working as intended, the dot is green.

3. First off it's best to clear the previous settings that Chrome has possibly saved. In order to do this, we need to clear the cache and cookies from the browser, as shown in the screenshots

- enter Chrome's history

- select "Clear browsing data"

- make sure to set the time range to "All time", no need to delete your browsing history but everything else needs to be deleted.

4. Next up we need to check the settings already setup regarding the microphone itself

- go to Chrome's settings

- scroll down to "Content settings"

- select "Microphone"

- delete individually the option saved under "Allow". You'll be able to identify the one needed by the URL of the Dialer itself. For good measure it would be best to delete them all.

- in certain cases, there may be more than one option for a microphone device to choose from. In such cases you'd need to figure out the correct one from the drop down menu. In this example all the options use the same device, but in certain situation there may be two different ones.

5. Final step - login again, using incognito mode. When you've logged in successfully, you'll see this prompt. Choose "Allow" and you'll hear a beeping confirmation, as well as the dot becoming green.

6. Voila! Have many successful calls!