You’ve made the best decision ever.. You have just invested in your sales and marketing teams!

But how can you be certain that you’ll achieve your goals? How can you feel confident that you’ll be generating the best engagement and conversions from your affiliates and leads, and fully leverage all the capabilities of the platform you decided to invest in?

In this article, I’ll show you all the steps you need to follow to ensure you’ll get the best results after implementing  our dialer with or without your CRM.

After all, if you’ve chosen to invest in automating your direct marketing, sales and customer service, you know that these are the most valuable departments that will ensure the success of your company.

As you have decided to optimize your sales process with SquareTalk, it’s  because you understand how mission critical this process is: this is your chance to turn a fresh lead into a fresh customer.

Now that we established that you understand how valuable it is to invest your time and resources into sales and marketing automation you now need to commit to spending time in trying to implement SquareTalk in the best way.

If you want to achieve results, you must be willing to plan and strategize before jumping right into it.


customer success managers implementing userlane and creating a user onboarding strategy


As head of CSM I’m constantly willing to invest my time if it’s going to make life easier not only for my customers but for me as well. By investing my time now,  my team and I will actually be saving precious time in the days to come.

So, please bear with me and I’ll show you how, with a little bit of planning, you can achieve the best results with our platform.

Before you begin.. Don’t Forget About Me, Your Customer Success Manager:)

Since you work in or with sales and marketing, you should be familiar with my job :). A Customer Success Manager is responsible for your success. We want to make sure that you achieve all your goals, and we’re happy to work with you to create an implementation plan while, at the same time, providing consulting, support, and expert advice.

We’re also your voice within the company. We agree with you on goals, and together, we create a roadmap to make sure you hit your target. Any ideas, suggestions, and requests you have will be reported to our colleagues in product, engineering, bizdev…

You can schedule an appointment with your Customer Success Agent any time directly within our platform by opening a chat or a ticket.

 We have created an intuitive product that allows you to manage all the settings on your own. But that being said, who wouldn’t want to save time and  squeeze every ounce of value out of their investment?

We’re always there for you! Well…unless, we’re having a shot o clock ;). Because then we’ll need to enjoy first.

Okay! Let’s start now with our list of things you can do to take full advantage of our dialing platform.

Step One: Involve Other Colleagues

You love our product. And I can’t blame you. Our product team did a bang up job:). But now it’s time for some serious planning.

You went through our onboarding process, and hopefully now you’re an expert in uploading lists and creating campaigns.  Most of our customers comment on our easy list uploading tool and are enthusiastic about its simplicity and user friendliness.

At this stage, you are  creating campaigns for basically any purpose you can think of, but knowing how to use SquareTalk doesn’t necessarily mean that you know how to engage your leads properly.. just yet.

It’s now time for you to be the project owner and kick-off the project! Think about involving other people in your company. You’re the ambassador, but all your colleagues can profit from SquareTalk as well.

Ask around and involve others in the project. It is always good to have a person with technical know-how on board.

The deeper you integrate our product into your crm and platform the higher your return on investment!

Step Two: Define Specific Goals (Again…We Will Do That with You!)

  • Check what you’ve been doing so far. 

  • How have you been engaging your leads?

  • How have you been supporting them? 

  • How have you been managing no answers and busy calls?

  •  What have you been doing to increase conversions?

Check what works and what doesn’t. As the old saying goes…don’t fix it if it ain’t broken!