Axiom Reports page - Calls Tab

Axiom Reports page - Calls Tab

1. Click "Calls" to navigate to the Calls tab in the Reports page.

2. Click 'Eports to CSV' to download the CSV. You have two options to export the file as it is or to export it with sub rows.

3. Click "Raw Calls" to get a view including all sub rows expanded.

4. Click "Answered" to filter only the answered calls.

5. Click "No Answer" to filter only the not answered calls.

6. Click 'Call Type' to activate drop down menu and receive information on incoming, outgoing and internal calls.

7. Select the type of call you would like to view.

8. Click 'Human Answer' to filter the incoming calls for ones that are answered by agent.

9. Click on 'Hang-Up Side' to filter by which side the calls was terminated.

10. Click 'Matrix Call' to choose if you would like to view only calls done by Squaretalk predictive dallier called the Matrix which can be integrated with the Axiom.

11. Click "Update icon" to refresh the information.

12. Click the "Search" field to search for a specific call.

13. Click "Columns" to filter the possible KPIs.

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