Configuring Inbound Rules for incoming calls

Configuring Inbound Rules for incoming calls

By default the Matrix numbers you add to your account do not have any Inbound Rules (used for Incoming Calls) configured since these are per your preference, therefore you need to configure them if you require inbound calls.
This can be done by following the below steps:

1. Navigate to the Settings from the Matrix Dashboard:

2. Click on Phone Numbers and click on the settings icon for the respective group you would like to configure the Inbound Rules for:

3. Now click on Inbound Rules:
4. Click on the + sign to add a new rule:

5. You can have multiple Inbound Rules for multiple campaigns, after configuring the rule you can either add another by clicking the + or Save to complete the configuration:
Call: This option allows to select between Last Contacted Agent or Any Agent, this is how the inbound calls will be distributed between the agents.
From: Is where you select which Campaign this Inbound Rule will be applied to.
With Status: Is the option to select what kind of status the agents should have in order to receive the call, they can be set to receive the Inbound Call while on Any Status or a specific one.
And wait for: Is the option to set the amount of seconds the agents have to pick up the call until it's hung up, i.e. how long the customer can stay in the queue until the call is dismissed.

Voicemail Configuration:
To configure a Voicemail select the Voicemail option in the Drop Action menu so that when there isn't an agent available to take the call the customer will reach the voicemail:

Next click the edit button next to the Voicemail section:

In the new pop up window fill in all the required details, such as: Name, Extension to use for Voicemail, Password and optionally you can add an email address to receive the voicemail messages to it as well, after this click Save:
You will now have Voicemail selected under the Drop Action field, as well as name you gave your Voicemail under the Voicemail field: Lastly click Save in the main window to apply the configuration::

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