Settings - Customization

Settings - Customization

This article will provide you an overview of the Customization settings of Matrix:

1. Navigate to the Matrix settings by selecting "Settings" on the left-hand side of the menu:

2. Access the custom fields section by clicking "Custom Fields":

Initiate the creation of a new custom field by selecting "Create" Utilize the switches provided to designate it as required or exportable:

 Assign a name to your custom field by selecting "Field Title":

5. Choose the field type from the dropdown menu, offering options such as Text, Number, Date, etc:

6. After specifying the field type, input the necessary information into the provided placeholder:

7. Move to the statuses tab within Matrix settings by clicking "Statuses":

Modify Pause Timeout seconds and create a new pause status as necessary:

 Name your status accordingly:

 Select the type of your pause from the dropdown menu, for instance, choosing "Break status" as an example:

Navigate to Lead statuses settings by selecting "Lead statuses (Disposition status)":

Click "Create" to create a new disposition status:

 Specify the name of your status:

Choose the system type of your lead status from the provided drop-down menu:

 Access the White listing IP section in the Matrix by clicking "Security":

Create a new IP whitelist entry by selecting "Create":

Enter the desired IP into the "IP address" field:

Provide a description for your IP in the "Description ..." field:

Opt to add a country to the whitelist for a specific geo-location by clicking "Add country":

Choose the country from the available drop-down menu:

Enter a descriptive text for the geo-location in the "Description ..." field:

Review the history of whitelisted IPs by clicking "History":

. Monitor failed login attempts to your system by clicking "Failed Login Attempts":

Navigate to the recycle bin option in your Matrix by clicking "Recycle Bin" to restore recently deleted variables:

Select the variable you wish to restore:

Choose the specific item you want to restore:

Open the action drop-down menu by clicking "Actions" and opt to restore the chosen item:

Access the effective calls settings by clicking "Reports":

 Set the parameters for effective calls, which can be monitored on the calls history reports page:

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